Jason Hahn

Owner of Cypress Creek Studio


I’m a full time multi-genre professional photographer, instructor, writer, and owner of a large creative studio near Tampa, Florida.

I started my career as a professional wildlife and nature photographer, more recently discovering a love of working with people in the studio or outdoors. With my “people” photography I specialize in fine art nude and erotic concepts, but am interested in all types of photography and genres, from adventure to glamour to fetish. I welcome ideas from models and photographers alike, and rarely say no to a concept, unless it is outside my interests or limits. Even then I would rather you reach out to me and discuss it, I’m endlessly curious and interested in new and different projects. Working and collaborating with models and other creatives to brainstorm, and create images is something I find deeply rewarding. I truly enjoy partnering with those who want to learn and grow with me.

A Teacher, Author and Artist, Too

I am also a regular writer for Photofocus.com and a digital artist specializing in sci-fi, fantasy, or whatever pops into my head. My writing is primarily educational, teaching fellow photographers all about our art in the field, in the camera, or in the digital darkroom. I have been a photography instructor and workshop leader for well over a decade, and love to teach everything I know about both the technical and artistic sides of our craft, as well as the natural world we live in.

Studio and Boudoir



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