1 on 1 Photography Instruction

From: $75.00

Part indoor photo studio, part nature preserve, Cypress Creek Studio offers photographers a place to be creative like no other. Your class will be held here in the midst of natural beauty and beautiful indoor spaces.  

  • Price: $75 per hour.  Discounts for half (4 hours) and full (8 hours) days
  • Book anytime from 7am until 9pm.  
  • Bring a friend or 2.  Additional photographers, up to 2, may join you for an additional $25 per hour each.
  • Have a question, contact us!
  • Scroll down for more info and faqs
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Photography Fundamentals

Check as many topics as you like, this helps us prepare for your class and divide our time accordingly. This is held on site at Cypress Creek Studio, pleases see our 1 on 1 Photo Workshops to select from classes we offer at locations throughout Florida.

Studio photography includes discounted booking of the studio for the time you have selected, at $25/hour. This is a hands on class with all our lighting equipment, wardrobe, props, etc. Models must be booked separately, and fees for them are not included. Contact us if you would like us for names of models we recommend.

A photo isn’t finished just because it has been saved to the memory card. Learn how to use the “digital darkroom” to enhance the mood of the image,correct technical issues like exposure, remove dust spots, or create original works of art through compositing. Check as many topics as you like, this helps us prepare for your class and divide our time accordingly.


What you get when you book Cypress Creek Studio


Our indoor studio is a fully decorated custom home, filled with natural light and tasteful decor
  • Multiple studio areas, the main studio, classroom, loft, patio, boudoir bedroom, and more
  • Shoot anywhere in the house that doesn’t have a sign saying otherwise!


  • Fully decorated studio with a beautiful hardwood floor throughout
  • Huge, I’m talking really frickin’ huge, windows!
  • Full Kitchen including microwave, fridge, dishwasher, and small appliances
  • Coffee Makers (I felt that deserved its own line)
  • Air Conditioning! (and heat for those two cold days in Florida)
  • Full Bathroom with vanity and marble shower
  • Dedicated Hair and Makeup station with vanity, mirror, and lighting.
  • Power strips located throughout, as well as a dedicated strip for battery charging
  • Amazon Echo dot and bluetooth speaker for your music selection
  • Full sized bed with multiple different sheet set color options and coordinated sheer draperies
  • Free Guest Wifi
  • Huge windows for natural light, and power and space for studio lights. Mix and match to your creative content
  • A large box fan is available for wind blown effects or just to cool down. Portable heaters are available on request for cool days.


We change out our furniture often to provide fresh looks and new photo opportunities. Our current selection includes:
  • Red Loveseat
  • Antique red satin wingback chair
  • Black Leather Couch
  • Various Chairs and Stools
  • Full Sized Bed with a variety of bedding color selections available
  • Ottomans
Please feel free to bring your own items so you can get the look that’s just right for you. We also gladly welcome ideas and donations! Have the coolest chair in the world, but no space for it? Bring it to us and we’ll give it a good home!

Props and Wardrobe

Much like our furniture, this changes often! We always have a variety of options on site for apparel and costume jewelry. Please feel free to bring your own so you can get the look that’s just right for you.


With acres of gardens, fields, forests, and creeks, there is a nearly endless variety of outdoor nature opportunities for your photo shoots and interests. We also will set up some of our furniture outside, conditions and locations permitting

Example Sets

  • Boudoir Bedroom
  • Hammock
  • Beauty in the Barn
  • Tea Garden
  • Wild in the Woods
  • Tropics
  • Western
  • Outdoor Spa
  • Anything Nude

Equipment, Included

These items are all included and free for you to use when you book a studio rental, model shoot, or photography class:
  • Softboxes
    • Large strip boxes with or without grids, 12 x 55
    • Octos, Rectangular, parabolic, etc.
  • Reflectors and Diffusers
  • Light Stands
  • Grips and booms
  • Backdrops
    • Many to choose from including multiple colors of 10 x 12 hanging muslin, a hand painted dappled gray, a dappled green, and more.
    • 2 Impact Collapsible backgrounds, one in white and one in black, that can be set up anywhere on the property.
    • A variety of sheer fabrics, draperies, etc, that can be hung from tension rods or backdrop supports, indoor or out.
  • Lighting
    • FlashPoint / Godox AD200 System
    • Up to 6 lights can be rented at a time
    • Includes a variety of snoots, barndoors, gels, and other modifiers
    • Fully contained battery operated units, these are our most flexible system and can go anywhere
    • Includes a camera brand specific controller. Controllers are available for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and Olympus
    • Dracast LED Continuous Light Panels
    • 2 Panels
    • Each panel can be adjusted individally for both both intensity and color temperature.
    • Fully contained battery operated units, can be used anywhere.
    • Compatible Softboxes and stands available


We offer a variety of services from professional photographers, models, and more. Contact us for more details at [email protected] or call/text Jason at (813) 956-8706.

Jason Hahn is a professional nature photographer, certified Florida Master Naturalist, and an author for Photofocus Magazine. His work has been widely published in books, websites, and magazines. He is familiar with every part of photography from the beginning (a.k.a. the part where you are standing knee-deep in who-knows-what in order to get that perfect photo) to the end (the part where you are staring proudly at your photos under the glossy sheen of a magazine page), and knows all the tricks, mechanics, and hacks used in between. If you sign up for this workshop, he will give you reliable, real-world advice on how to become a published, professional photographer.

Terms and Conditions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

  • We are located at 25910 Queen Sago Place, Wesley Chapel, FL. Google and other maps will often take you right past my place, use this link to map to the end of our driveway. 
  • https://goo.gl/maps/sES2W1itQs92