Studio Rules Terms and Conditions

While at first glance this may seem like a lot of rules, the goal isn’t to be overly strict.  

Its to make sure you and everyone else who visits feels like this is their second home, has fun, is safe, and can focus on doing what we all love, creating great images!

Keeping the Place Clean and Maintained

  • Basic shoot details must be provided ahead of time in terms of content, equipment needs, set needs, etc. We love being creative ourselves, this place exists to help others do the same.  But not every idea is possible, safe, or fitting for this location. So we require you tell us what you want to do if it will involve any additional materials, substances, etc beyond a photographer, a model, a camera and some lights!  I’m not saying we’ll say no to your idea.  But we also may not say yes to every idea. It is always best to ask first.
  •  No smoke machines or smoke bombs in the building!!!  Aerosol smoke cans can be used, within reason. The building does not have the ventilation to handle large amounts of smoke.  This can cause a problem for anyone with a respiratory condition like asthma. Also, we live here, and and I don’t want my undies to smell like your smoke bomb.
  • Smoke bombs outside must receive prior approval. They may be prohibited at certain times due to fire hazard from drought conditions.
  • No open flames, fireworks, steel wool spinning, or other pyrotechnics on the property (inside or outside), without express written permission. This is an old barn, with dry wood, in a field full of dry grass. I’ve seen what happens when people are careless with this stuff (Photographer Accidentally Burns Down Historic Landmark)
  • No color powder or smoke powder in the building or within 100 feet of it.  The crap gets everywhere and can wreck photo equipment. Prior permission is required to use it outdoors.
  • Don’t even ask about glitter inside. Glitter outside must be the biodegradable type.
  • No water or other liquids being poured on anyone or anything inside.  That’s what we have the outdoor sets for!
  • In short, if it’s messy, smelly, sticky etc., then it is not going to happen inside.  It may happen outside, but you have to ask first.
  • No smoking within 100 feet of the studio/barn.  This goes for cigarettes/ cigars/ pipes/ vapes, etc.
  • There is a designated smoking area, dispose of all cigarettes in the provided container.  Seriously, no exceptions. You flick your butt on my property, I flick your butt off of it.  I’m extremely allergic to smoke, I don’t want it near where I live, and I don’t want your litter to burn down my house!
  • Clean up after yourself.  Don’t trash our place. This means put trash in the cans, don’t leave litter on the grounds, pick up when you are done.  Leave the place looking like when you got here.
  • “Leave only footprints, take only photos”

We have neighbors, be respectful of their privacy and your noise levels.

Legal Stuffs

You are coming onto private property, and we have a list of rules you must follow while here.

  • This is not just our business, it is also our home. We ask you respect it, the people here, and the land it is on.
  • Failure to follow our rules will result in your removal from the property.  In that event, no refunds will be provided.
  • Engaging in any illegal activity result in immediate removal from the property, and contact with law enforcement.  I don’t care what you do in your home, I do care what you do in mine!
  • Entry to our property and business is contingent upon signing a liability release, and a booking agreement if booking individual studio time.  Workshop instructors will be provided with a tailored agreement for their event, all workshop attendees will be required to sign our standard release.
  • Property is monitored by video camera.  Shoot details or video are never released, except in the event of a formal request by legal authorities in the event of an incident on site.

What Can and Cannot Be Shot Here

  • No pornographic photo or video may be created here.  We are not going to argue the details of what constitutes or does not constitute porn.  This definition will suffice: legal.
  • Video must be approved.  Video is confined to the shoot. 
  • Certain areas are off limits. These have a sign on them, they are locked.  Do not go in them, even if it is accidentally unlocked, unless we tell you to.
  • Drones (UAVs) may be operated on site only by permission.
  • All children must be accompanied by a legal guardian or parent at all times, no exceptions.  No minors will be allowed at any photo shoot that includes nude, implied nude, boudoir, lingerie or other mature photo shoots.
  • Stay on our property. Do not climb any fences, trees, ladders, other potentially hazardous items.
  • Be safe.  If anyone is seen engaging in unsafe acts, or encouraging others to do so, you will be asked to leave.


  • If you finish the coffee, you make another pot of coffee. Do not leave an empty coffee pot, it’s a crime against nature.
  • If it’s in the fridge, help yourself.  Eat or drink what you take, and clean up when you are done.  Throw a few bucks in the tip jar so we can keep it stocked.
  • We have one toilet.  OneDon’t flush dumb stuff down it. Don’t camp out in there. And if you are about to unloaded the mother of all dumps, kindly jump in your car and drive to the outlets.  Really, this is for all of us.
  • This place is as much about nature as it is photography.  Do not move any of our potted plants. Do not break or harm any plants you think are “in the way.Respect all the creatures that live here, it is their home too!
  • We have basic bathroom and female necessities. Please don’t stuff your bag with everything on the counter, these items are for everyone’s use. If a large quantity goes missing during your time here, you will be charged.


Questions? Contact Us!

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Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Do you have lights available?

Yes, you can rent lighting equipment if you do not have your own or forget yours. Just answer "no, but I am interested" when completing your form while booking online, and Jason Hahn will contact you to discuss the equipment that best fits your needs. 

Do you have backdrops?

Yes, we have basic black and white backdrops, a pallet wall, and an assortment of others. Pictures can be found on our Facebook page or website. 

Is the water safe?

Yes, the onsite Certified Master Naturalist (Jason) has personally investigated the water multiple times and is glad to stand near by during your water adventures to help you feel safe.

Can I pay cash?

Unless there is a system error and our attempt to fix it fails, we prefer you pay in full online. The system is secure, Jason has used it for 10+ years for multiple businesses.

Can I pay with my card when I get there?

Only in extremely rare circumstances. 

What if I go over the amount of hours I booked online?

Your time starts when you walk through the door, and ends when your equipment is cleaned up and packed. If you finish packing 5-10 minutes late, seriously, NO BIGGIE! 15 min, 30 min, 45 min later..... sorry, there's a fee! We take back to back bookings and have clean up and prep time to account for before each photoshoot, and we assume everyone will be either early or on time! 

If I go over my time and am charged a fee, how do I pay?

We know it's not likely, but it's always wise to carry some cash! If need be, we can charge your card through the system before you leave, it just takes a minute (hope you're not in a hurry!)

Can I bring a friend that's also a photographer?

There is a separate rate for multiple photographers photographing the same model. Please contact the studio before booking and paying online so we can discuss your goals and needs to better accommodate you. 

Can I bring more than one model?

If it's more than 2, please contact the studio before booking. Otherwise, just provide the names and social media links of both models when you book the studio online.

I'm bringing 2 models and they each want to bring a friend, is that ok?

Sure! ALL the names and social media links of EVERYONE that is coming to your photo shoot at our studio MUST be provided on the form you fill out prior to booking. Every single person that steps foot on the property is required to sign a liability release. Those that don't, can chill at the mall down the street until your session is finished. We want everyone to enjoy themselves, be respectful, feel safe and leave happy. Please keep in mind that this is a PLACE OF BUSINESS though, no matter how much "fun" you are having.

didn't know they were coming, what should I do?

If you book the studio and your model brings someone you had no knowledge of, we're not going to make you leave. Understand, this makes us uneasy too..... They will be required to sign our liability release and follow the rules like everyone else if they want to stay. It is not a bad idea to have a detailed discussion with your model about their comfort levels, if they plan to bring someone, what the rules of the studio are, and even your own rules and comfort levels to avoid surprises.

I forgot I scheduled a photoshoot today and can't make it, can you refund me the money?

Photoshoots cancelled within 48 hours will not be refunded. If you forgot or have an emergency the day of your shoot, call the studio to reschedule. 

My model didn't show up, what do I do?

If the model you scheduled your photoshoot with goes MIA, we will be glad to credit you the time. 

I'm running late, can I extend my time?

As long as we don't have something schedule after you, and depending on how late you are running, we usually don't mind! Seriously, we're super laid back.

OOPS! I broke something that isn't mine....

We know its a cliche, but "you broke it, you bought it".  Just expect to be charged its replacement value.

I finished early, do I get my money for the time I did't use?

We have a 2 hour minimum studio rental time for $100. That means there is a $100 minmum. Unless there is a serious injury or emergency that demands you leave before your end time, there are no refunds.

Can children under 18 be at the studio?

We understand there are rare circumstances in which this question may arrise and why.... By LAW, if there is anything SEXY or NUDE about your photoshoot there answer is NO. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to be present at photoshoot that includes lingeire, nudity, implied nudity, or if ANYTHING about the photoshoot represents sex appeal (including the way the model is posing!)

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